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In the 90s pop icon Madonna paid homage to the art of voguing in her classic track Vogue. In 2022 Beyoncé along with Madonna remixed the song with Beyoncé’s chart topping hit Break My Soul in a song that gave a shout out to some of ballroom’s most notable houses and included an ode to the House of Balenciaga. This track was titled Break My Soul (Queen’s Remix).


-First $5,000 Fem Queen Face - Icon Raquell Balenciaga
-First $5,000 BQ Runway - Icon Keith Balenciaga
-First $5,000 Perfect Tens- Icon Overall Mother Shannon Balenciaga
-First $1,000 BQ Sex Siren - Legendary Jerome Balenciaga
-First $3,000 BQVF in Russia - Mark Balenciaga
-$10,000 Runway Winner - Jojo Balenciaga
- $6,000 Runway Winner - Legendary Dae Dae Balenciaga
- $5,200 Runway Winner - Legendary Cameo Balenciaga
-Balenciaga was featured on hit TV Show Legendary on HBO MAX
-Overall Mother Shannon and Calvin "Cha Cha" Balenciaga  showcased on BET Awards Show, 2022
-Boom and Haven Balenciaga showcased in Apple Music SuperBowl Commercial featuring Rhianna, 2023
-The House of Balenciaga was the first ballroom house to perform at Howard University,  2023

The International Iconic House of Balenciaga has won Grandprize House With The Most Points/Trophies at an impressive rate in ballroom History. Some of those balls include and counting:

$10k Collections Ball 
$5k MLK Ball ATL 
$10K Coldest Winter Ever Ball NYC
$2k Royalty Ball Philadelphia 
$5K Death by Destruction Ball DC


The House of Champions is immensely proud of FOUR of our members in THREE of the most major tours in 2023! Congratulations goes out to:


Honey Balenciaga @honey.balenciaga and NV Balenciaga @__nvme for being a part of @beyonce’s Renaissance Tour! A major moment and career height for our two members! An anticipated tour, Beyonce and @parkwood has been gracious in showcasing the House of Balenciaga since the start of the Renaissance Era!


Kam Balenciaga @kamnsaunders is part of the record breaking Eras Tour with @taylorswift, being the only plus size dancer on tour and showcasing the best personality from city to city!


Devin Balenciaga @devinnealofficial is showcasing such young talent and energy in @lilnasx Long Live Montero Tour! Devin has chronicled his time on tour and also being a part of this year’s Super Bowl with Rihanna in his new documentary!


The House of Balenciaga has always encouraged to showcase a member’s category to reflect their everyday lives and our four family members has been a testament to that belief. Congratulations to all four members showcasing the immense talent ballroom has to offer! This is a win not only for our house, but to ballroom as a whole! We are a talented subculture in the queer community and we are happy to show it to millions of people!




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