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The House of Balenciaga became the immediate success it was in ballroom, due to the perfect storm of talent and leadership intersecting at the right time to birth the legacy that would leave a lasting impact on the ballroom community worldwide!

Ballroom | The House Of Balenciaga

Created March 8, 2002, the now International Iconic House of Balenciaga was created after founding parents, Harold and Raquell, alongside founder Kitty departed from the Iconic House of Miyake Mugler. It was important that the House of Balenciaga establish a credible identity. By enlisting key members (Overall Mother) Mariah and (Overall Father) Maurice, of the now defunct House of Armani. After skillfully enlisting new members who had already made a name for themselves within the Ballroom scene, Harold and Raquel departed on a journey that would place them among the very elite of Ballroom legacy.

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An Iconic International House dedicated to the success of its members on and off the floor. A community stronghold with a mission to create a safe space for queer, cis-gender, and transgender persons from all walks of life.

House History


January of 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade and the birth of new leadership
in the House of Balenciaga.

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